About Spurdex

SpurDex is the first Decentralized Exchange built by Africans with a world class touch for Africa, developing countries and the world at large

A first of its kind Cross-chain, multifunction Dex designed to showcase Africa's prowess and regain her pride and trust.

SpurDex is the first Automatic Market Maker (AMM) DEx on the Credit Smart Chain Network to provide a great trading experience for Credit Smart Chain projects and users in the DeFi Space.

With our Cross-Chain AMM DEx, we are building a bridge that connects SpurDex to multi chains, beginning with Credit Smart Chain and BSC network. This makes it possible for users to trade, stake, farm and provide liquidity for tokens on BSC, CSC, ETH and other popular Networks.


Our goal is to build the world most trusted DeFi platform for Africa, developing countries and the entire world at large, fueled by SpurDEx Token


Our Mission is to build a Decentralized Exchange that will be secured and operated by everyday people (traders, investors, private and government entities) on the Credit Smart Chain Network.



Excessive Fees Charged On Most Pioneer Blockchain

The transaction fees on most pioneer blockchains are becoming unbearable as we all know. This has made crypto users and traders opt for smart blockchains for/in search of better experience. However, these so-called smart blockchains have started to face the same challenges. Today, it costs hundreds of dollars to create and deploy a token contract on these smart block chains and tens of cents to complete a transaction on these chains.

Distrust In Africa Crypto Market

Most foreign exchanges outside Africa are dominating the community leveraging on Africa as it is primed for crypto adoption but there have been little or no trust in Africa owned projects, hence stuck from implementing ideas for real world use, challenges and support from their counterparts.

Ownership Of Assets

Most of the crypto trading volume goes through centralized exchanges (CEXs), to whom users grant custody over their assets. Using CEX is convenient, however, the exchange may deny access to the funds at any time, or fall victim to a hack, causing the funds to be irreversibly lost.


Cryptocurrency, because of the power it gives to the users to have total control over their assets among other benefits it offers; is rapidly gaining mass adoption in the financial ecosystem, thereby making Decentralised applications more popular each day.

Hence the need for the adoption of Credit Smart Chain Network , which is becoming lucid as the solution to some of the factors that are limiting the cryptocurrency and smart contract mass adoption.

SpurDEx will be the first Decentralized Exchange bridging the gap between all classes of users as a target on Africa and developing countries in context and to the world at large.

A complete DeFi platform to trade, stake and earn crypto. Decentralized, secure and easy to use.

We believe in new innovations and we are ready to help make it known to the world through our strong platform.


SpurDex consists of two symbiotic elements - SpurDex DeFi Platform/Exchange and the SpurDex $SPDX token.

SpurDex DEFi platform is the Premiere Multi Chain Decentralized Exchange, primarily on the Credit Smart Chain Network.

SpurDex can be used to create a liquidity pool and a market for tokens on Credit Smart Chain, BSC or ETH network. This makes your token available for trade on the public market and allows you to give value to your token.

More Chains will be integrated with time.

The SpurDex Token $SPDX is the foundational token of SpurDex Hub.
It is of two version:

$SPDX CRC20 and $SPDX BEP20 being the two major chain already bridged on SpurDex.

It has a Total Supply of:

$SPDX BEP20: 500,000,000
$SPDX CRC20: 500,000

In fact, all SpurDex Token $SPDX not issued during token sale were burnt up. Making over 40% of SpurDex Token $SPDX that has been burnt, thereby reducing SpurDex Token $SPDX total supply to almost half.

You can provide liquidity, or stake your SpurDex tokens $SPDX to gain yield!

SpurDex Mart is a decentralized e-commerce platform, where users can purchase any item(s) of their choice using SPDX Token by simply connecting their wallet without having to create any account.



Trade, Stake, Farm And Earn
A complete DeFi platform to trade, stake and earn crypto.


Swap crypto tokens instantly: You do not need to register or create any account. Just connect your wallet and you are good to go

SpurDEx is the Premiere Multi Chain Decentralized Exchange on the Credit Smart Chain Network with an easy to use platform for everyday users.

Low Fees
SpurDex primarily runs on Credit Smart Chain network, a blockchain with almost zero transaction fee than every other pioneer Blockchains.

And with SpurDex trading fees that are much lower than most popular decentralized exchanges, it becomes a dual benefit to all who use SpurDex.

Unlike most centralized exchanges that hold your funds when you trade, SpurDEx allows you 100% ownership of your funds while you instantly trade directly from your external wallets

You earn SPDX and other tokens with enormous interest rates for free.

Earn tokens with Syrup Pools
Simply stake SPDX to earn free tokens.

$SPDX holders who staked $SPDX earn tens of millions of USD worth of free tokens from major projects that join our platform.

Earn SPDX with Yield Farms
Stake LP tokens and earn SPDX.


Flexible : 35% APY

Fixed:. 120% APY.

Earn Trading Fees
You can also earn from Trading fees when you contribute or stake your token in Liquidity Pool (LPs), even if you did not stake SPDX with yield farming or your trading pair is not supported on the farm page.

Trading Fees
Trading Fees: 0.2%

LP Providers: 70%

Ecosystem: 30%


Breakdown of our Token.
Token Name

SpurDex Token

Token Symbol


Total Supply(BEP20)

$SPDX 500,000,000

Total Supply(CRC20)

$SPDX 500,000

CRC20 - BEP20 Supply Relation

$SPDX CRC20 = $SPDX BEP20 X 0.001

SPDX BEP20 Contract: 0x68c785D4af5a7306620880FB3A0Ce00C578C5FE2

SPDX CRC20 Contract: 0x0C609476442DC803721BD8F697609050CBbe814E


Recomended Wallet

MetaMask Wallet




0.2% $SPDX


0.29% $SPDX


100% $SPDX - (Burnt Token)

Token Utilities

SpurDex Token $SPDX is the foundational token of SpurDex Hub

SpurDex tokens $SPDX can be used to provide liquidity.

It can be staked to gain yield!

SpurDex tokens $SPDX can be used to purchase any item(s) of your choice on the SpurDex Mart.


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Spurded Whitepaper
WhitePaper (2022)

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